Category: Proper Line

Virginia No Reel

This is a simplified version of the Virginia Reel. It includes the single file and leaders arch action which is sometimes known as “Peel the Banana”.

Virginia Reel

This traditional proper contra is a long time favorite.

Tunnel of Love

This is a simple dance appropriate for a Beginner Party.

Tunnel Contra

Tunnel Contra is a proper contra for 6 couples or less featuring a long tunnel.

Thady You Gander

Thady You Gander is an 80-count proper contra for 4 couples. It is a tradtional New England dance. It includes lady leads the gents around, gent leads the ladies around, and top couple reel the set.

OXO Alternate

OXO Alternate is a more difficult version of the OXO Reel. Because only one couple moves to the bottom each time, the mix of dancers in the groups changes each time.

OXO Reel

OXO Reel is a proper contra for 6 couples. The OXO refers to Circles and Stars danced simultaneously by the 3 groups of 4.

Kingston Flyer

Kingston Flyer is a proper contra for 4 couples. It features a lady’s train around the gents, and gent’s train around the ladies.

Kid’s Contra

Kid’s Contra is a genderless proper contra. It includes Forward and Back, Arm Turns, and a tunnel.

Farmer’s Jig

Farmer’s Jig is a proper contra for 4 couples. It is a traditional Welch folk dance. It includes march up, sashay up, stars and top couple lead down and make an arch.