Tag: Right & Left Thru

Market Lass Crossed

This triple contra uses Right and Left Thru.

Open the Door

Visiting Couple square dance featuring a chase figure and Right and Left Thru.

Lazy H Figure

Visiting Couple square dance featuring Separate, Right and Left Thru, and Swing

Down the Center Cut Off Six

Visiting couple square dance using Separate concept, Right and Left Thru and lots of Swings.

Route 271

Mescolanza by Carol Kopp using five Right and Left Thrus.

Don’s Mescolanza

Mescolanza by Don Armstrong for experienced community dancers.

Singers-H-Right and Left Thru

Excerpt: These singing breaks and figures use the Group G calls plus Right and Left Thru.

Simplicity Contra

This contra is intended to drill a class on Right and Left Thru and Ladies Chain.

Barn Mixer

This mixer features two couple circles and scatter promenade. The original uses Right and Left Thru but there is a simpler option.

Zig Zag Rotation

This dance is designed for community dancers with some previous contra dance experience. It is challenging!