Tag: Stars

Two Three-Hand Stars

Visiting Couple square dance featuring two three-hand Stars and one four-hand Star.

Star Weaver

Mescolanza by Calvin Campbell with a sequence of five Stars using alternating hands.

Siege of Ennis

Traditional Irish Mescolanza with choreography similar to Dumbarton Drums.

ONS Party Mescolanza

Mescolanza by Les Hinkel for Party events.


These singing breaks and figures use the Group C calls plus Stars.

Constant Contra

This double progression contra by Mitch Pingle has “With the new lady on the right and Half Promenade”.

A Nice Combination

A contra by Gene Hubert for experienced community dancers.

Barn Mixer

This mixer features two couple circles and scatter promenade. The original uses Right and Left Thru but there is a simpler option.

Appalachian Trail Mixer

There a several quick changes in direction so it requires a good focus and quick reaction time.

Facing Trios Patter Ideas

Here are some ideas for freestyle patter calling to facing trios.