Star Weaver

Formation: Lines of four facing lines of four in columns. The lines nearest the prompter have their backs to the prompter.
Music: “Stars and Stripes Forever” on E-Z 714

Download RTF file: Star Weaver

Intro or
57-64   – – – -; Center four Star Right;
    1-8   – – – -; Star Left with the outside two;
  9-16   – – – -; Star Right Half in the middle;
17-24  Star Left with the other two; – – – -;
25-32  Star Right half to partner; – – Partner Swing;

33-40   – – – -; All go Forward and Back;
41-48   – – – -; Pass Thru two lines;
49-56   – – – -; Dosado with the new opposite;
57-64   – – – -; [Center Four Star Right];

    1-8   Center four dancers Star Right once around.
  9-16   Each center person join their partner to Star Left with the outside four.
17-24   The same center four Star Right halfway to the opposite end of the line and Star Left with the opposite ends.
25-32   The end Left-Hand Stars complete their turn and the centers Star Right half again.

33-40   Partners Swing and finish facing the opposite line of four.
41-48   Lines go Forward and Back.
49-56   Pass Thru two lines and proceed to the third line of four. Those facing out at the head or the foot turn as a couple using a California Twirl, a Wheel Around or a Partner Trade.
57-64   New facing dancers Dosado.

Choreography by: Calvin Campbell, Colorado
Source: Printed in Dancing For Busy People, page 243
Usage: Note that roles change when dancers turn around at the head or foot of the hall. All dancers need an opportunity to practice the center part. After the walk through in one direction appears to be successful, have all dancers Pass Thru and turn as a couple to face in the opposite direction. Then walk through the dance again to give those dancers who were on the outside a chance to practice the center action.

This page from (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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