Tag: Promenade

Grapevine Twist

Visiting Couple dance featuring a train winding through the inactive dancers.


These singing breaks and figures use only Circle, Forward and Back, Dosado, and Promenade.


This is a Russian folk dance with partner claps and elbow turns and a solo scatter promenade.

A Nice Combination

A contra by Gene Hubert for experienced community dancers.

Red Wing Mixer

This big circle dance moves each dancer four positions during each 64 counts. It can work with almost any strongly phrased singing call record with a 4/4 beat such as a march tune.

Barn Mixer

This mixer features two couple circles and scatter promenade. The original uses Right and Left Thru but there is a simpler option.

I Don’t Know Why

This is a great opening mixer for a Party Dance and can be adapted to many singing calls.