Category: Square Dances

Two Three-Hand Stars

Visiting Couple square dance featuring two three-hand Stars and one four-hand Star.

Pick Up 2-4-6

This is a very simple visiting couple square dance using just circles of 4, 6 and 8 and Allemande Left.

Open the Door

Visiting Couple square dance featuring a chase figure and Right and Left Thru.

Lazy H Figure

Visiting Couple square dance featuring Separate, Right and Left Thru, and Swing

Grapevine Twist From Arizona

Visiting Couple dance featuring circles of 4, 6, and 8 dancers and then a train winding through arches created by second, third and fourth couples.

Fancy Twisted Circle Ending

Visiting Couple ending with the active gent leading a train to wrap all dancers into a twisted circle.

Grapevine Twist

Visiting Couple dance featuring a train winding through the inactive dancers.

Down the Center Cut Off Six

Visiting couple square dance using Separate concept, Right and Left Thru and lots of Swings.

Chassee Partners

Traditional visiting couple dance using circle and half sashay.

Singers-L-Lead Right

These singing breaks and figures use the Group K calls plus Lead Right.