Fancy Twisted Circle Ending

Formation: Square of four couples.
Music: your choice
Usage: This is an optional “Trim” to add at the end of a visiting couple dance such as “Grapevine Twist”.

Download RTF file: Fancy Twisted Circle Ending

Intro or
57-64   Now wrap it up with a twisted circle, couple 4 arch and gent 1 lead through;
    1-8   Five dancers follow through the arch and gent 4 twist to his right;
  9-16   Through the next arch (between gent 4 and lady 3);
17-24   Through the next arch (between lady 3 and gent 3);
25-32   Next arch (between gent 3 and lady 2);
33-40   Finish up through the last two arches (between couple 2, then between gent 2 and lady 1);
41-48   Gent 1 turn into his shoulder hold and lady 4 reach over her shoulder to connect;
49-56   March along in a twisted circle;
57-64   All raise hands to make a normal circle.

When basic figure is complete and the dancers are circling eight:
    1-8   Couple 4 make an arch between them and gent 1 leads his partner and the next five dancers through the arch and around to the right.
  9-16   Gent 4 does not go through, he holds on to lady 3 ahead and onto his partner over his left shoulder.
17-24   Gent 1 now goes through an arch between gent 4 and lady 3, and lady 3 turns into her right elbow hold on over her left shoulder.
25-32   Repeat for the next arch (between lady 3 and gent 3).
33-40   Repeat for the arch between gent 3 and lady 2.
41-48   Repeat for the arch between lady 2 and gent 2 and then between gent 2 and lady 1.
49-56   To complete the twist gent 1 turns into his right elbow to hold hands with lady 1 over his left shoulder. Lady 4 reaches her right arm over her left shoulder to connect with gent 1 and all march forward in a circle.
57-64   To return to a normal circle, raise hands and adjust the hand hold.

YouTube: The Grapevine Twist with this ending is at the following Dare To Be Square link:

This page from (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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