Tag: Circle

Pick Up 2-4-6

This is a very simple visiting couple square dance using just circles of 4, 6 and 8 and Allemande Left.

Grapevine Twist From Arizona

Visiting Couple dance featuring circles of 4, 6, and 8 dancers and then a train winding through arches created by second, third and fourth couples.

Fancy Twisted Circle Ending

Visiting Couple ending with the active gent leading a train to wrap all dancers into a twisted circle.

Chassee Partners

Traditional visiting couple dance using circle and half sashay.

ONS Party Mescolanza

Mescolanza by Les Hinkel for Party events.


These singing breaks and figures use only Circle, Forward and Back, Dosado, and Promenade.

Ohio River Contra

This contra by Jerry Helt has a Dosado of a couple with a single and a Circle of 3. There is also a slow Square Thru that could be cued.

Honor Among Thieves

This contra by Penn Fix has a chase sequence taken from a traditional square dance figure.

Good Girl

This traditional contra has “Active lady lead out to a line facing down”.

Barn Mixer

This mixer features two couple circles and scatter promenade. The original uses Right and Left Thru but there is a simpler option.