Category: Quadrille

Western Quadrille

This Quadrille has an unusual action of Balancing in a Thar formation.

Wheels Quadrille

Properly prompted and properly danced, this quadrille is an elegant use of Grand Square without partner changes. It also uses both “Ladies Chain” and “Right and Left Thru”.

Grand Square Six Quadrille

This quadrille by Jack Murtha uses “Grand Square Six Steps”.

Happy Sounds Quadrille

This quadrille by Ken Kernen uses “Grand Square” along with a partner change.

Ladies’ Star Turn

This quadrille by Tony Parkes uses Ladies Star with arm turns and Dosado.

Merry Mix Up

This quadrille by Ted Sannella uses Ladies Chain, Ladies Chain to the right, and Right and Left Thru.

Seeing Stars

This quadrille by Calvin Campbell is a shortened version of DoSaDo and Face the Sides.

Queen’s Quadrille

This quadrille by Jerry Helt uses “Right and Left Thru” and “Ladies Chain”.

Tip Top Quadrille

This quadrille by Don Armstrong uses “Men roll out and Promenade Half”, and “Four Ladies Chain”.

Quarter Chain Quadrille

This quadrille by Jack Murtha uses Ladies Chain one quarter.