Tag: 32-count

Cab Driver

This is a simple, 32-count, one wall Line Dance using Vines.

Alley Cat

A 32-count, quarter turn Line Dance using a classic piece of music. Mostly jazzy stationary footwork.

Teton Mountain Stomp for Sitters

A toe tapping and hand clapping dance for sitters.

Ding Dong Daddy

This is strictly a “Show-em-how” gimmick and a great one to end a party.

Hit The Road Jack

32-count, four-wall line dance with Charleston, Lock and Hitch.


This is a 32 count, four-wall, beginner to intermediate line dance.

Cupid Shuffle

This very simple line dance is intended to quickly get the crowd moving.

Copperhead Road

32-count, four-wall, beginner line dance

Boot Scootin’ Boogie Line

Two line dances designed for Boot Scootin’ Boogie. Both involve vines and swivels.

White Silver Sands

A classic mixer with walk forward then turn around and back up