Ding Dong Daddy

Formation: People seated or standing in a circle facing center, or in lines facing the leader. The leader demonstrates the dance and the audience follows.
Music: “Ding Dong Daddy” on Lloyd Shaw 3323 or E-14

Download RTF file: Ding Dong Daddy

Intro   Wait 8 counts
Part A
    1-4   Clap knees twice; Clap hands twice.
    5-8   Slide right hand over left twice (palms down). Slide left hand over right twice.
  9-12   Pound right fist over left fist twice. Pound left fist over right fist twice.
13-16   Pound right fist under left elbow twice. Pound left fist under right elbow twice.
17-32   Repeat all of the above.

Part B
    1-4   Make swimming motion (crawl stroke) with right arm (2 counts), then with left arm (2 counts).
    5-8   Make swimming motion (breast stroke) with both arms twice.
  9-12   Make motion of twirling a lasso with right arm, 4 times.
13-16   Twirl lasso with left arm, 4 times.
17-20   Make hitchhike motion with right arm, thumb extended (4 counts).
21-24   Hitchhike (thumb) motion with left arm (4 counts).
25-28   Make motion of catching a fly (2 counts), place the fly on the opposite hand (2 counts).
29-32   Swat the fly, blow it away (4 counts).

Note: The final time through the tune there is a tag line. You catch the fly a second time, swat it and lick it off your hand.

Choreography by: (Unknown)
Source: Printed in CD Journal, December 1994
Usage: This is strictly a “Show-em-how” gimmick and a great one to end a party. The music is outstanding.

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