Cowboy Boogie

Formation: Individual dancers all begin facing the same direction in loose lines.
Music: “Somebody Like You” (Medium), “Baby Likes to Rock It” (Fast), “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain, “Elvira” by The Oak Ridge Boys

Download RTF file: Cowboy Boogie

Intro or
20-24   Vine Right 3 and Hitch;
    1-4   Vine Left 3 and Hitch;
    5-8   Forward Hitch, twice;
  9-12   Back up 3 and Hitch;
13-16   Boogie Forward, Forward, Back, Back;
17-20   Boogie Forward, Back, Hitch and Turn;

    1-4   Dancers step to the right, cross the left foot behind the right foot, step to the right again, and raise left knee to assist hop on right foot.
    5-8   Dancers step to the left, cross the right foot behind the left foot, step to the left again, and raise right knee to assist hop on left foot.
  9-12   Dancers step forward on right and raise left knee to assist hop on right. Then they step forward on left and raise right knee to assist hop on left.
13-16   Dancers take three steps backward (R, L, R) and hitch with left knee.
25-28   Dancers step forward on left turning the body to face diagonally right and bump left hip forward twice and then right hip backward twice.
25-32   Dancers bump hips left and right then raise right knee to assist with a hop and left turn 1/4.

Choreography by: Kelly Burkhardt
Source: Internet research
Usage: A simple line dance that is adaptable to many pieces of music.


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