Tag: Arm Turns

Market Lass Crossed

This triple contra uses Right and Left Thru.

Singers-B-Arm Turns

These singing breaks and figures use the Group A calls plus Arm Turns.

Virginia No Reel

This is a simplified version of the Virginia Reel. It includes the single file and leaders arch action which is sometimes known as “Peel the Banana”.

Virginia Reel

This traditional proper contra is a long time favorite.

Arm Turn Contra

This contra by Calving Campbell has an unusual pattern which requires a careful reading of the description.

Red Wing Mixer

This big circle dance moves each dancer four positions during each 64 counts. It can work with almost any strongly phrased singing call record with a 4/4 beat such as a march tune.

Facing Trios Patter Ideas

Here are some ideas for freestyle patter calling to facing trios.

Arkansas Traveler

These traditional square figures all feature a series of arm turns.

Three Legged Stool

This dance by Calvin Campbell is one of the easier Trios that feature Arm Turns.

Rio Trio

In this trio by Ken Kernen the center dancers arm turn with each of the four end dancers.