Facing Trios Patter Ideas

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Here are some ideas for “patter” calling to trios.
Or try combining some of these to create your own Facing Trio Dance:


— All six Circle Left (or Circle Right)

— Center two Circle Left while the others Circle Right around them.

— Centers make a three-dancer circle with the ends to their right (or to their left).


— All six make a Right-Hand Star (or make a Left-Hand Star).

— Boys only (or Girls only) Star Right (or Star Left).

— Two center dancers place hands on each otherĂ¢â‚¬™s shoulders and crouch down while others make a Right-Hand Star over the top.

— Centers Star Right with their right hand two then Star Left with their left hand two.

Dosado and Arm Turns:

— Opposites Dosado (just ends, just centers, or all dancers) (or Right or Left Arm Turn)

— Right ends (or Left ends) Dosado (or Arm Turn).

— Centers turn opposite right, turn their right opposite left, turn their left opposite right and original opposite left to home.

Lines of Three:

— Outside dancer of ONE Line lead that line around the TWO Line.


— TWO’s make arches while ONE’s dive under (pass right shoulder).

— Lines of 3 together do a half Dosado (or Dosado once and a half) to face a new line.

— Lines Weave (all 3 together half Dosado then left half Dosado) to face the third.

— Single File Promenade to the right around the other line and face the next three.

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