Two Three-Hand Stars

Formation: Four couples in a square
Music: Your choice

Download RTF file: Two Three-Hand Stars

Intro or
57-64   Couple number one stand back to back and Separate go round the track;
    1-8   Pass your partner right on by, pass her again and go to corners;
  9-16   Make a three-hand right-hand Star with that couple;
17-24   Back by the left, a left-hand Star;
25-32   To the lonesome couple, right hand Star;
33-40   All the way round go to corner for Left Allemande;
41-48   Promenade with partner;

Repeat for second, third, and fourth couples.

    1-8   Couple number one turn away from each other and go around the outside of the square.
  9-16   Those two dancers pass each other by the right shoulder on the far side of the square and keep going.
17-24   They pass again at home and each goes to their corner (gent #1 to couple #4 and lady #1 to couple #2) to make a three-dancer right-hand star with their corner and the corner’s partner.
25-32   Those six dancers individually turn around to make a left-hand star the other way back.
33-40   The two active dancers (couple #1)then go to the lonesome couple (couple #3) and make a four-dancer right-hand star.
41-48   Turn the star all the way around until the active dancers can go to their corner for an Allemande Left.
49-64   All Promenade partner all the way around to home.

Choreography: Traditional square dance figure
Source: Printed in Community Dance Program Handbook
Usage: Beginner Square Dance Party or Community Dance

See “Sampsonville Quadrille Figure One” for a circle version of this idea.

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