Tag: 16-count

Neutron Dance

A simple dance that can be learned by watching and then joining in on the end.

Jessie Polka

A bit of tricky footwork followed by a series of polka steps.


16-count, four-wall line dance, with mostly arm action.

Cotton-Eyed Joe Line

16-count, one-wall, energetic line dance for good balance and flexibility

Blue Stars & Stripes Mixer

This is a very short and simple mixer dance designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

Ruby Baby

This is an easy Solo Dance with a 1/4 turn to the right each time through.

The Freeze (Texas Freeze)

This is a classic, simple line dance.

Raunchy (Texas Hustle)

This is a classic, simple 16-count Line Dance.

New York, New York

This is an easy 16-count, quarter-turn, Line Dance to an old favorite tune.


This is a classic, 16-count, quarter turn Line Dance.