New York, New York

Formation: No partners, all start facing the same direction in loose lines.
Music: “New York, New York”, Roger Williams, MCA 60194

Download RTF file: New York

Intro or
13-16   – – Vine Right;
    1-4   – – Vine Left;
    5-8   Rock, Recover, Step, Kick;
  9-12   – Turn and Touch;
13-16   – – Vine Right;

    1-4   Dancers step to the right on their right foot, step behind the right foot with the left foot, step to the right again, and touch the left foot to the right instep.
    5-8   Dancers step to the left on their left foot, step behind the left foot with the right foot, step to the left again, and touch the right foot to the left instep.
  9-12   Dancers rock forward on the right foot and rock back on the left foot. Then dancers step forward on the right foot and kick the left foot forward.
13-16   Dancers turn one quarter to face to the right using three small steps in place (L, R, L) and then touch the right toe to the left instep.

Choreography by: (unknown)
Source: Printed in CDP Journal, February 1998. Also printed in Community Dance Program Handbook.
Usage: This is an easy line dance to an old favorite tune. If it needs to be simpler, replace the vines with side, close, side, touch.

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