Jazak’s 12-Count Jive

Formation: Couples with lady on man’s right, both facing the front of the hall. The footwork is the same for both the man and the lady.
Music: Upbeat tempo music

Download RTF file: Jazak’s Jive

Intro or
  9-12   – – Right toe;
    1-4   – – Lady roll;
    5-8   – – Solo roll;
  9-12   – – Right toe;

    1-4   Dancers touch right toe forward, touch right toe to the right, touch the right toe to the back, touch the right toe to the instep of the left foot.
    5-8   Lady roll across in front of the gent in four steps (R, L, R, L) completing a full turn and ending on the gents left side.
  9-12   Both dancers solo roll to the right turning half around in four steps (R, L, R, L). The sequence ends with the couples facing the opposite wall.

Choreography by: Chet Jazak
Source: Printed in CDP Journal, February 1998
Usage: This is a cute routine that can fit to almost any upbeat tempo music. It is like a solo line dance but it is done with a partner.

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