Tag: Swing

Lazy H Figure

Visiting Couple square dance featuring Separate, Right and Left Thru, and Swing

Grapevine Twist

Visiting Couple dance featuring a train winding through the inactive dancers.

Down the Center Cut Off Six

Visiting couple square dance using Separate concept, Right and Left Thru and lots of Swings.

Star Weaver

Mescolanza by Calvin Campbell with a sequence of five Stars using alternating hands.

Siege of Ennis

Traditional Irish Mescolanza with choreography similar to Dumbarton Drums.


These singing breaks and figures use the Group B calls plus Swing.

Simplicity Contra

This contra is intended to drill a class on Right and Left Thru and Ladies Chain.

Honor Among Thieves

This contra by Penn Fix has a chase sequence taken from a traditional square dance figure.

Constant Contra

This double progression contra by Mitch Pingle has “With the new lady on the right and Half Promenade”.

Arm Turn Contra

This contra by Calving Campbell has an unusual pattern which requires a careful reading of the description.