Lazy H Figure

Formation: Four couples in a Square
Music: your choice

Download RTF file: Lazy H Figure

Intro or
89-96   Active Couple (#1) down the center and Split Two;
    1-8   Separate around 1 to the end of a line of 4;
  9-16   Line of 4 go forward 4 and stand pat;
17-24   Sides Right and Left Thru along the line;

25-32   And Right and Left Back;
33-40   The line of 4 back up, those centers Arch and the ends Dive Thru;
41-48   Active couple Separate around 2 to make a line of 3;
49-56   Lonesome couple (#3) Swing;

57-64   Same two come down the center and Separate Around 1 to a Line of 4;
65-72   Lines of 4 go Forward and Back;
73-80   Center four Right and Left Thru;
81-88   Centers Pass Thru to your corner, Allemande Left;

Repeat for Couple #2, Couple #3, and Couple #4.

    1-8   The active couple (#1 the first time through) walks across the center and between the opposite couple (#3).
  9-16   The active gent turns to his left around one while the active lady turns to her right around one. They line up with couple #3 to make a line of four.
17-24   The line of four walks forward 4 steps to end perpendicular to the side couples and centered on them.
25-32   The side couples do a Right and Left Thru dancing around the line of four (two dancers pulling by on each side).
33-40   The side couples do another Right and Left Thru along the line and back to their home position.
41-48   The line of four backs up 4 steps then the center two dancers raise their adjacent hands to make an arch for the ends to Dive Thru.
49-56   Those who dived (the actives) separate around 2 to make two new lines of 3. (Gent #1 goes left and around to stand between couple #4 while Lady #1 goes right and around to stand between couple #2).
57-64   The lonesome couple (#3 the first time through) Swing.
65-72   The same two dancers walk across the set and separate around 1 to a line make a line of 4.
73-80   Lines of 4 go Forward and Back.
81-88   Center four Right and Left Thru.
89-96   Same four Pass Thru and move slightly diagonally to their corner for an Allemande Left.

Choreography: Traditional square dance figure
Source: Researched from Sets In Order magazine. Printed in CD Journal, February 2009.
Usage: This dance is a favorite of Calvin Campbell. He has shared this many times at the Community Dance Party Seminars.

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