Grapevine Twist From Arizona

Formation: Square of four couples.
Music: your choice

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Intro or
113-120   First couple lead to the right,
    1-8   And circle four with all your might;
  9-16   Pick up two more, a girl and boy,
17-24   Now circle six with lots of joy;

25-32   Circle six and don’t be late,
33-40   Pick up two and make it eight;
41-48   First gent take his lady by the wrist,
49-56   And through that couple with a grapevine twist;

57-64   Then through the next one you can see,
65-72   Around that ring with a whoa, haw, gee;
73-80   Twist ‘em right, twist ‘em wrong,
81-88   Straighten them out as you go along;

89-96   With a duck and a dive you shoot right under,
97-104   The last couple there and go like thunder;
105-112   Circle eight and around you go,
113-120   Take that lady home you know.

Repeat for second, third, and fourth couples.

    1-8   First couple leads to the right.
  9-16   The first and second couples join hands and circle left.
17-24   First gent breaks the circle of four and picks up the third couple to make a circle of six.
25-32   Those six dancers circle left three-quarters around.
33-40   First gent breaks the circle of six and picks up the fourth couple to make a circle of eight.
41-48   All eight dancers circle left for about eight steps.
49-56   First gent breaks the circle of eight by releasing hand hold with lady four. All others maintain their hand holds.
57-64   First gent dives under the upraised arms of the second couple pulling lady one and gent two along behind. Gent two has to turn under his own right arm.
65-72   First gent circles clockwise back to the center of the ring and dives under raised arms of the third couple.
73-80   Lady one, couple two, and gent three follow along behind with gent three turning under his own right arm.
81-88   First gent circles clockwise around the outside of the dancers following him.
89-96   As the dancers untangle, the first gent leads on around towards the fourth couple.
97-104   He dives under raised arms of couple four pulling five dancers behind him.
105-112   Gent four turns under his right arm and lady four turns under her left arm.
113-120   All eight circle left back to home position.

Choreography: Traditional square dance figure
Source: From Square Your Sets by Marion and George Waudby, Tucson, Arizona
Usage: The action requires close contact and agile bodies.

A separate file called “Grapevine Twist” describes a different version.

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