Tag: Quarter-Turn

Ruby Baby

This is an easy Solo Dance with a 1/4 turn to the right each time through.

Rocky Mountain Scramble

This 32-count, quarter-turn Line Dance has a country-western feel with Vines, Toe points and a Run 3.


This 32-count, quarter-turn Line Dance may be danced as a line dance or in a circle.

Reggae Cowboy

This 32-count, quarter-turn Line Dance has some footwork and vines. The routine adapts well to other tunes.

Raunchy (Texas Hustle)

This is a classic, simple 16-count Line Dance.


This is a peppy, one spot dance using heels, toes, knees and claps.

New York, New York

This is an easy 16-count, quarter-turn, Line Dance to an old favorite tune.

Hully Gully

This 32-count Line Dance includes Vines, slow Forward two and Run two, Turn and Kick, Backup and Clap.


This is a classic, 16-count, quarter turn Line Dance.

Electric Slide

This is an energetic 16-count, quarter turn line dance. It uses quick side, closes, back up, rock and turn.