Formation: Line Dance
Music: “I’m Busted”, or “Achy Breaky Heart”

Download RTF file: Busted

Intro or
29-32   – – – -; – – Vine Right;
    1-4   – – Vine Left;
    5-8   – Slow Strut Four;
  9-12   – – – -;
13-16   – – Vine Right;

17-20   – – Vine Left;
21-24   – – Backup and Turn Left;
25-28   – – – -;
29-32   – – Vine Right;

    1-4   Dancers step to the right, cross the left foot behind the right foot, step to the right again, and touch their left toe next to the instep of the right foot.
    5-8   Dancers step to the left, cross the right foot behind the left foot, step to the left again, and touch their right toe next to the instep of the left foot.
  9-16   Dancers start with the right foot and take four slow walking steps forward.

17-20   Vine Right (repeat 1-4)
21-24   Vine Left (repeat 5-8)
25-32   Dancers start with the right foot and take three slow steps backward. On the fourth step turn 1/4 to the left to face the next wall to the left and clap.

Choreography by: Jerry Helt, Cincinnati, Ohio
Source: Printed in CDP Journal, November 2001
Usage: This dance was contributed by Jerry Helt during the 2001 Beginner Party Leaders Seminar held in St. Louis. It can be danced as a line dance or in a circle.

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