Tag: BDP

Two Three-Hand Stars

Visiting Couple square dance featuring two three-hand Stars and one four-hand Star.

Pick Up 2-4-6

This is a very simple visiting couple square dance using just circles of 4, 6 and 8 and Allemande Left.

Chassee Partners

Traditional visiting couple dance using circle and half sashay.

Teton Mountain Stomp for Sitters

A toe tapping and hand clapping dance for sitters.

Ding Dong Daddy

This is strictly a “Show-em-how” gimmick and a great one to end a party.

Bunny Hop for Sitters

A sitting version of The Bunny Hop.

Ten Pretty Girls

This is a classic folk dance appealing to any age group.

Miserlou (Never on Sunday)

This is an adaptation of a Greek folk dance. It is danced to “Never On Sunday”.

Cupid Shuffle

This very simple line dance is intended to quickly get the crowd moving.

Copperhead Road

32-count, four-wall, beginner line dance