Blue Stars & Stripes Mixer

Formation: Circle of couples in open position facing line of dance with inside hands joined.
Footwork: Opposite throughout, man starts with left, lady starts with right.
Music: “Stars & Stripes Forever” on E-Z School Rhythm 714

Download RTF file: Blue Stars & Stripes Mixer

Intro or
  9-16   – – – -; – – Forward seven;
    1-8   1, 2, 3, 4; – Face and Back Away four;
  9-16   – – To right four; – – Forward seven;

    1-8   Walk forward in Line of Dance seven steps and on the eighth step face partner, man’s back to the center of the hall, lady facing the center of the hall.
  9-16   Back away from partner four steps (man moving to center of the hall, lady moving to wall), face diagonally to the right and walk to a new partner and assume open position to repeat the dance from the beginning.

Choreography by: Jerry Helt, Ohio
Source: Printed in Community Dance Program Handbook.
Usage: This is a very simple mixer designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

This page from (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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