Bye Bye Blues

Formation: Circle of couples in open position facing line of dance with inside hands joined.
Footwook: Opposite throughout, man starts with left foot and lady starts with right foot. Instructions are for the man.
Music: “Bye Bye Blues” on Grenn 14040 or 15009

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Intro or
25-32   – – – -; – – To line walk four;
    1-8   – – Side, close, side, touch ; – – to reverse walk four;
  9-16   – – Side, close, side, touch; – – side, touch, both ways;
17-24   – – – Twice; – – – DoSaDo;
25-32   Adjust Right to new partner; – – to line walk four;

    1-8   All couples walk forward in line of dance three steps (L, R, L) and on the fourth step face partner, join both hands and towards line of dance step to the side on left, close right to left, step to the side on the left again, and touch right to left opening to face reverse line of dance. (side, close, side, touch).
  9-16   To reverse walk forward three steps (R, L, R) and on the fourth step face, join both hands and towards reverse step to the side on right, close left to right, step to side on the right again, and touch left to right
17-24   Beginning toward line of dance step to left on left foot, touch right along side of left, step to right on right foot, touch left to right; repeat.
25-32   The same two dancers DoSaDo in six steps then adjust to the right to a new partner to begin the dance again.

Choreography by: Ken Kernen
Source: Printed in Dancing for Busy People, page 265 and in Community Dance Program Handbook.
Usage: This mixer has footwork that will need some practice.

This page from (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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