Hi Neighbor

Formation: Circle of couples in open position facing line of dance with inside hands joined.
Footwook: Opposite throughout, man starts with left foot and lady starts with right foot.
Music: “Hi Neighbor” on Square Dancetime SD-500

Download RTF file: Hi Neighbor

Intro or
25-32   – – – -; – – Forward four;
    1-8   – – Slide, Slide; – – Forward four;
  9-16   – – Slide, Slide; – – Back away 3 and Clap;
17-24   Together 3 and Clap with Partner; – – Back away 3 and Clap;
25-32   – – Diagonally right to new Partner, “Hi”; – – Forward four;

    1-8   All couples walk forward four steps turning on the fourth step to join both hands and slide sideways twice down line of dance (side, close, side, close).
  9-16   Repeat beats 1-8.
17-24   Back away from partner three steps, men toward center (COH) and lady toward wall. Man steps back L, R, L and touches floor with R toe (lady steps back R, L, R and touches floor with L toe). Clap own hands once as toe touches floor. Walk together, 2, 3, clap partner’s hands and touch the floor with the toe on count 4 (man R, L, R, touch L; lady L, R, L, touch R).
25-32   Back away again (man L, R, L, touch; lady R, L, R, touch) then turn diagonally to face a new partner to the right. Walk diagonally right to new partner (man R, L, R, touch; lady L, R, L, touch). On the last count as new partners touch, both say “Hi” to each other then start the dance over (do not clap).

Choreography by: Jack Murtha, California
Source: Printed in Printed in Dancing For Busy People, page 258. Also printed in Community Dance Program Handbook
Usage: This is a simple mixer with just a bit of footwork.

Variation described in Dancing For Busy People:

During counts 17-24 back away and walk diagonally to the right to a new person.
Then do that again in counts 25-32 to another new person.

This page from http://dances.callerlab.org (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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