E-Z Mixer (Sherbrooke)

Formation: Circle of couples in open position facing line of dance with inside hands joined.
Music: “Sherbrooke” on Grenn 15008

Download RTF file: E-Z Mixer

Intro or
9-16   – – – -; – – Forward four;
    1-8   Face and back out four; Ladies to center and back;
  9-16   – – – -; Gents to center and turn left;
17-24   – – out to corner; – – – Swing;
25-32   – – – -; Face line, Forward four;

Note: Dance goes through as many times as desired. The entire record is too long for most beginning groups.

    1-8   Couples walk forward four steps; then turn as a couple to face the center of the hall and back out four steps. (Keep the lady on the man’s right.)
  9-16   Ladies walk into the center four steps then back out of the center four steps.
17-24   Men walk into the center four steps turning one half left-face on the fourth step to face corner. The man walks diagonally to the right toward the corner four steps.
25-32   Swing corner twice around, opening up to face counter-clockwise (toward line of dance) in original position ready to start the dance again.

Choreography by: Jack and Helen Todd
Source: Printed in Community Dance Program Handbook.
Usage: This is a simple mixer designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

This page from http://dances.callerlab.org (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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