Formation: Loose lines of dancers with all facing in one direction
Music: “Footloose” by Blake Shelton

Download RTF file: Footloose

Intro or
25-32   – – – -; – – Vine Right;
    1-8   – – Vine Left; – Right Angle Steps;
  9-16   – – – -; – – Heel Splits;
17-24   Heel, Heel, Toe,Toe; – – Heel Switch;
25-32   Back, Side, Slap, Turn; – – Vine Right;

    1-4   Step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side, touch left together.
    5-8   Step left to side, cross right behind left, step left to side, touch right together.
  9-12   Step diagonally right and forward on right, touch left together, step back on left to original spot, touch right together.
13-16   Step diagonally right and backward on right, touch left together, step forward on left to original spot, touch right together.
17-20   With weight on toes, split heels apart and bring back together twice.
21-24   Touch right heel forward and tap floor again in same place. Touch right toe backward and tap again in the same place.
25-28   Touch right heel forward. With a jump simultaneously step on right and touch left heel forward. With a second jump simultaneously step on left and touch right heel forward. Tap right heel again in the same place.
29-32   Touch right toe back, touch right toe out to right side, bring right foot up behind left leg and slap the heel of foot with left hand, bring right foot out behind you and swing it around to pivot one-quarter to the left.

Choreography by: Levi J. Hubbard and Starla Rodgers
Source: Researched on YouTube
Usage: This is a 32 count, four-wall, beginner to intermediate line dance.

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