Grand Square Six Quadrille

Formation: Four couples in a square formation
Music: “Grand Square Six” on SD-009

Download RTF file: Grand Square Six Quadrille

Intro or
57-64   After the chord, Sides Pass Thru;
    1-8   – – Separate; around two – -;
  9-16   Home you go – – ; – – Heads Pass Thru;
17-24   – – Separate; around two – -;
25-32   Home you go – -; Sides Face Grand Square;

33-40   Six Steps – -; Bow to new partner and Swing;
41-48   – – – -; – – Promenade;
49-56   – – – -; – – – -;
57-64   – – – -; Side two Pass Thru;

    1-8   Side (or head) couples Pass Thru and Separate
  9-16   Same four continue walking around the outside of the set to home position.
17-24   The other couples (heads or sides) Pass Thru and Separate.
25-32   Those four continue walking around the outside of the set to home position.

33-40   Sides turn to face their partner. All dance the first six steps of a Grand Square (Heads walk forward four steps, then turn 90 degrees to face their current partner and back away two steps. Meanwhile the Sides back up four steps, then turn 90 degrees to face the side dancer across from them and walk forward two steps.) All bow to the nearest dancer for two beats of music (Heads bow to the head dancer beside them and sides bow to the dancer they are facing).
41-48   All dancers Swing the person to whom they bowed. (After the first time through dancers have their opposite.)
49-64   Promenade 16 steps full (once and a quarter) around to home position.

Note: The recommended record is made up of several jig tunes and works well for contra dances.

Choreography by: Jack Murtha, California
Source: Printed in Dancing for Busy People, page 142.
Usage: This dance does not require knowledge of the full Grand Square. It could be used as a first step in teaching that call. Because the partner change only moves the ladies to their opposite, the ladies are not required to learn both the head and side parts of the Grand Square beginning.

This page from (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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