Singers-L-Lead Right

Singing Calls Group K

The Singing Call Groups are a collection of singing call Breaks and Figures for Party Dances.

Calls used in Singers Group L:
Circle Left, Circle Right, Forward and Back, Dosado, Promenade
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn, (also Allemande Left)
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn
Right and Left Grand, Weave the Ring
Pass Thru
Ladies Chain
Right and Left Thru
U-Turn Back
Star Promenade
Split Two, Separate
Lead Right

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FIGURE from Bob Ruff, “Long Lonesome Highway” on Wagon Wheel 916
One and three (two and four) Lead Right and Circle Left three-quarters
Break and make a line, go Forward up and Back
Go forward Dosado, back to back you go
Make a Right-Hand Star and turn it once around
Back up to your lines of four
Allemande Left your corner, your partner Dosado
Take your corner lady, promenade her home

FIGURE idea from Bob Ruff, “The Race Is On” on Wagon Wheel 928
All Eight Circle Left Halfway round
One and Three the Ladies Chain
Two and Four Right and Left Thru
One and Three Promenade Halfway
Two and Four Lead Right and each four Circle Left Halfway
Swing that Corner and Promenade

FIGURE from Dottie Welch
Heads Lead Right and Split Two, Separate Around One to a Line
Forward and Back, Pass Thru and U-Turn Back
Right and Left Thru (hold lefts and put them in to make the star)
Star Left once around
Circle Left one-quarter and Pass Thru
Swing Corner and Promenade

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