Zig Zag Rotation

Formation: Six Couples in two facing lines of three couples. (Becket Contra formation)
Music: “Ain’t She Sweet” on ESP 717

Download RTF file: Zig Zag Rotation

Intro or
57-64   – – – -; With the opposite couple Star Left;
    1-8   – – – -; Same four Star Right;
  9-16   – – – -; Men drop out and Ladies Chain;
17-24   – – Top couple; roll to foot, others Dosado;
25-32   – – – -; All Pass Thru and U-Turn Back;

33-40   – – – -; Facing Ladies Chain across;
41-48   – – – -; Facing Couples Half Promenade;
49-56   – – – -; Same couples Right and Left Thru;
57-64   – – – -; With the opposite couple Star Left;

    1-8   Facing couples Star Left.
  9-16   Same four dancers Star Right.
17-24   Men stop at home position and the Two Ladies Chain. Original partners are now across the set from each other.
25-32   The two dancers at the end of the set nearest the caller, face up and roll out to walk down the outside to the foot of the set. Meanwhile the other five partners Dosado.

33-40   All Pass Thru and U-Turn Back.
41-48   In the facing couples, Two Ladies Chain back to their original partner.
49-56   Hold the Courtesy Turn hand position and the facing couples Promenade across the set with men passing left shoulders. Couples turn to face in again in long lines.
57-64   Same couples Right and Left Thru.

Choreography by: Calvin Campbell, Colorado
Source: Printed in CDP Journal, December 1996
Usage: This is designed for community dancers with some previous dance experience. In addition to using both Ladies Chain and Right and Left Thru, it has some other challenges. The rotation of the couples is an unusual zig zag pattern with each couple occupying a different position on alternating sides of the set after each time through the routine. At the end of six times through the dance, every couple should be back in their original starting position. Men must keep track of their home side in order to recognize where they drop out at the end of each Right-Hand Star.

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