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Rebecca’s Roundabout

This one-way trio mixer by Hugh Ripon uses Circles, Stars, and “Centers duck thru and go right, duck thru and go left, duck thru and move on (and/or change places)”.

New Craze

This one-way trio or small group dance by Ken Kernen uses walk, backup, stamps, claps, and Stars.

Blue Bird

This is a singing game dance for children up to 6th grade.

San Antonio Stroll

This no partner, circle dance uses Vine Left and Right, and Forward 3 and Kick. There is also a Mixer variation.

Stay Young

This no partner, circle dance by Jerry Helt uses Circle Left, Side Close, Walk diagonally left and back out on the same path, and the same to the right.

Tap, Clap and Circle

This simple, no partner, circle dance by Calvin Campbell uses just claps, toe taps, solo turns, and circle left and right.

Fralie’s Frolic

This circle dance by Bob Riggs is designed to get everyone up and dancing quickly.

Cry of the Celts

A very simple solo circle dance by Calvin Campbell. The joy is moving to the music.


This dance is German in origin and the figure is known to contra dancers as turning contra corners. It is best reserved for dancers with some experience.

Three’s Greet

This facing trios dance by Bob Howell uses only “Forward and Stamp 3”, “Circle Six”, “Dosado”, and “Pass Thru”.