Cry of the Celts

Formation: Circle of dancers without partners.
Music: “Cry of the Celts” from Lord of the Dance by Michael.

Download RTF file: Cry Of The Celts

Intro or
29-32   – – – -; Circle Left for eight steps;
    1-8   – – – -; – – Circle Right;
  9-16   – – – -; Walk in four steps;
17-24   – – Clap four; – – Back away four;
25-32   – – Clap four; – Circle Left eight; ;

    1-8   All dancers join adjacent hands or move individually in single file to the left for eight steps.
  9-16   Dancers circle to the right for eight steps.
17-24   Dancers walk toward the center of the circle four steps, then clap their own hands four times.
25-32   Dancers back away four steps, and again clap their own hands four times.

Music Note: If using the full “Cry of the Celts” recording begin with the choir just after the two rings of the bell. Careful counting will result in a start of the sequence
when the music changes into a strong Irish dance.

Choreography by: Calvin Campbell, Castle Rock, Colorado
Source: Printed in CD Journal, December 2009
Usage: For many beginner parties the dancing begins with Circle Left. A satisfying dance
can be created using very few calls. This is a self-explanatory dance and easily learned by
most dancers. Use a stirring piece of music with strong phrasing and you will quickly have
everyone dancing. The same routine can be used with other music which builds in intensity.

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