Category: Trios

General Bradford’s Charge

This facing trio by Mary Jo Bradford has lots of action. It uses Circles, Arm Turns, Stars, and a clap sequence. There is a triplet version.

Dos Plus One Trio

This facing trio by Ken Kernen uses “Inside ends Sashay down” and Stars of three.

Wild Turkey

This one-way trio mixer by Bob Howell uses “center turn dancer on the right by the right and turn dancer on the left by the left”.

Theil’s Trio

This one-way trio mixer by Jack Theil uses walk, back up, claps, stamps, “center turn dancer on right by the right, and center turn dancer on left by left”.

Texas Shootout

This one-way trio mixer by Bob Howell uses “Right hands high and the left two under”, Stars and Circles.

Rebecca’s Roundabout

This one-way trio mixer by Hugh Ripon uses Circles, Stars, and “Centers duck thru and go right, duck thru and go left, duck thru and move on (and/or change places)”.

New Craze

This one-way trio or small group dance by Ken Kernen uses walk, backup, stamps, claps, and Stars.


This dance is German in origin and the figure is known to contra dancers as turning contra corners. It is best reserved for dancers with some experience.

Three’s Greet

This facing trios dance by Bob Howell uses only “Forward and Stamp 3”, “Circle Six”, “Dosado”, and “Pass Thru”.

Do Ci Dizzy

This dance by Bob Howell is for facing trios or triplets. It uses “right ends Dosado, left ends Dosado, and lines of 3 Dosado”.