Category: Square Dances


These singing breaks and figures use only Circle, Forward and Back, Dosado, and Promenade.

Push Ole Ma and Pa

Here are two versions of a simple and clever Traditional Square that features Separate around behind, Push someone in, and Swing.

Lady Round Lady

Here there are three similar traditional squares which all begin with “first couple lead right and the lady go round the lady”.

Bird in the Cage

This has four versions of a classic, traditional square figure featuring circles with one dancer in the center.

Texas Star

This includes three versions of Texas Star. In all cases they feature a Star Promenade.

Solomon Levi

This is a classic square dance using “Separate go round the outside track”.

Arkansas Traveler

These traditional square figures all feature a series of arm turns.

Western Quadrille

This Quadrille has an unusual action of Balancing in a Thar formation.

Wheels Quadrille

Properly prompted and properly danced, this quadrille is an elegant use of Grand Square without partner changes. It also uses both “Ladies Chain” and “Right and Left Thru”.

Grand Square Six Quadrille

This quadrille by Jack Murtha uses “Grand Square Six Steps”.