Push Ole Ma and Pa

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Formation: Traditional Square
Music: “Doc Boyd’s” jig

The first couple balance,
The first couple swing.

Go down the center split the ring,
Lady go gee and gent go haw,
Push your pa and shove your ma.
And that couple swing in the center of the ring,
Swing to the side with the dear wee thing.

Now the same old gent and a brand new date,
Go down the center and through the gate,
Gee and haw, shove ma and pa.
Swing right here and swing right there,
Swing right out complete the square.

Now the same old gent and a brand new girl,
Go down the center split the world,
Gee and haw, push ma and pa.
And swing in the center, center swing,
Swing right out complete the ring.
And all eight swing.

Dance is repeated for second couple who start from their new position,
then for the third couple and the fourth couple.

First couple leads down the center, splitting opposite couple. Lady turns to the right and gent to the left as though to return to place outside the set. However, they go around just one dancer and stop behind the next. Thus the gent stops behind gent number four, and the lady stops behind lady number two.

The two rear dancers gently shove those in front into the center of the ring. Gent number four and lady number two swing in the center and then swing out to the vacant position left by couple number one.

The first gent now takes lady number four and repeats, splitting those in the second couple’s position.

After the next repeat couple number one finds themselves in couple number two position.

Source: Wes McVicar’s 75 More Square Dances, Toronto, Canada, 1953, page 53


Formation: Traditional Square
Music: Any well-phrased 64-count jig or reel

Intro or
57-64  – – – -; Couple 1 across and Split 2;
    1-8   Separate around behind second; Push in and Swing;
  9-16   – – – -; Couple 2 across and Split 2;
17-24   Separate around behind second; Push in and Swing;
25-32   – – – -; Couple 3 across and Split 2;

33-40   Separate around behind second; Push in and Swing;
41-48 – – – -; All Circle Left to home;
49-56   – – – -; – – – -;
57-64   – – – -; Couple 2 across and Split 2;

Repeat for Couples 2, 3 and 4 across
Repeat for Couples 3, 4 and 1 across
Repeat for Couples 4, 1 and 2 across

    1-8   Couple #1 walk across the center, Split 2 (Couple #3) and Separate around one to stand behind the next dancer. The gent should be behind a gent and the lady behind a lady.
  9-16   Dancers in couple 1 gently push the dancer in front into the center. Those pushed in Swing with each other and back out into the vacant spot.
17-24   Those now at Couple #2’s home spot repeat the action by splitting Couple #4 and separating behind the heads to push the same gender in.
25-32   Repeat a third time with those now at Couple #3’s home spot. After this all have their original partner and are in sequence.
49-64   Circle Left three-quarters around the circle so all end at home.

Note: The lady who begins the figure will be active all 3 times.

Source: CD Journal, February 2005
Usage: Try this simple and clever traditional style square dance.

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