B. C. Swing

Formation: Circle of couples in open position facing line of dance, inside hands joined
Music: “Sunny Mood”, CEM 37036 or “Ginger Snap”, Grenn 15015
Footwork: Opposite throughout, man starts with left, lady starts with right, steps described are for the man.

Download RTF file: B. C. Swing

Intro or
57-64   – – – -; (In Butterfly LOD) Heel, Toe, Side, Close, Side;
    1-8   – – Both ways; – – Walk Four;
  9-16   Lady under change sides; (In Butterfly RLOD) Heel, Toe, Side, Close, Side;
17-24   – – Both ways; – – Walk Four;
25-32   Lady under change sides; (Heel, Toe, Side, Close, Side);

    1-8   In butterfly position, man’s back to the center of the hall, men touch left heel out to their left side then touch left toe beside right foot. Moving counter-clockwise they quickly step to the left on the left foot, close right foot to left, and step left to the side again (the side, close, side is completed in two beats). Dancers repeat the Heel Toe action using the opposite footwork and moving in the opposite direction (clockwise) to end in open position facing line of dance.
  9-16   Walk forward in line of dance four steps, then in four steps partners change sides with the lady crossing under their joined hands making a one half left face turn while the man walks around the lady in a clockwise direction one half. End facing in butterfly position. (The exchange is like a California Twirl and Roll to face.)
17-32   Repeat measures 1-16 moving clockwise around the big circle.

To change this dance into a mixer: Direct the men to move forward to the next lady immediately after the second change sides.

Variation: To add additional variety to the dance, change the single heel and toe to a double heel and toe in the same four beats of music.

Choreography by: Ken Kernen, for 1994 CALLERLAB Convention in Vancouver
Source: CDP Journal, March 1995
Usage: This is a lively 32-count mixer (or not) using Heel and Toe in a simple sequence .

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