All American Promenade

Formation: Couples facing counter-clockwise around the hall, lady on the man’s right, with both hands joined at waist height in Promenade handhold (shake rights and join lefts under); opposite footwork for the man and the lady.
Music: Something with a lively feel
Footwork: Opposite for the gent and the lady.

Download RTF file: All American Promenade

Intro or
25-32   – – – -; – – Walk forward 4;
    1-8   – Turn, backup 4; – – Walk forward 4;
  9-16   – Turn, backup 3; – – Balance together;
17-24   – Apart, roll her across; – – Balance together;
25-32   – Apart, girls twirl back; – – Walk forward 4;

1-8   Starting with outside feet (gent’s left and lady’s right) and both hands joined in Promenade handhold (join right to right and then join lefts under), couples walk forward counter-clockwise around the hall three steps. Dancers turn towards their partner on the 4th step to face clockwise. The lady is now on the left side of the gent. Couples back up four steps continuing to move counter-clockwise around the hall.
9-16   Couples reverse their direction of travel and walk clockwise around the hall three steps. Dancers turn towards their partner on the 4th step to face counter-clockwise. Couples back up three steps clockwise around the hall ending with weight on the outside foot and touching with the inside foot on the 16th count. During the last three steps couples change their handhold to join adjacent hands (the gent’s right with the lady’s left).
17-20   Still facing counter-clockwise couples step (or jump) together and touch with the outside foot next to the inside foot in 2 counts. Then dancers step apart on the outside feet and touch the inside foot beside the outside foot in 2 counts.
21-24   The lady rolls across in front of the gent to the inside by doing a full turn to her left in three steps while the gent does a 3-step vine to his right. Both end facing counter-clockwise.
25-28   Dancers join adjacent hands (the gent’s left and the lady’s right) and repeat counts 17-20 (together and apart).
29-32   Dancers raise their adjacent hands and the lady twirls to her right under them and releases the handhold. The lady continues her twirl moving back to the outside of the next gent. The gent moves forward to join Promenade handhold with the lady who was ahead. All dancers take four steps during this twirl to end with their outside feet free ready to begin again.

Choreography by: This particular version came from Jim Arkness. There are several very similar dances so it is difficult to properly assign credit. Also see ‘t Smidje.
Usage: This is a popular mixer, but it is a bit tricky and should be saved for dancers with some experience. It is easy to find examples of groups dancing this on YouTube.

This page from (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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