Cotton-Eyed Joe Mixer

Formation: Single circle of couples with men facing partner counter-clockwise and ladies facing clockwise.
Music: “Cotton Eyed Joe”, Rednex – 01241

Download RTF file: Cotton-Eyed Joe Mixer

Intro (Wait 8 beats)
31-32   Left kicks;
    1-2   Polka;
    3-4   Right kicks;
    5-6   Polka;
    7-8   Left kicks;
  9-10   Polka;
11-12   Right kicks;
13-14   Polka;
15-16   Left Polkas around;
17-24   – – – -; Right pass by Partner;
25-32   And another – – ; – – Left kicks;

    1-2   Partners join left hands, kick left foot to right twice.
    3-4   Polka step (L, R, L) on the spot.
    5-6   Partners join right hands, kick right foot to the left twice.
    7-8   Polka step (R, L, R).
  9-16   Repeat 1-8
17-24   Four Polka steps once around with left hands joined. End facing the original direction (Men CCW, Ladies CW).
25-32   Use four Polka steps to pass by the next dancer with a right hand touch and stop facing the next (2nd) dancer with left hands joined.

Note: The four polka steps can be replaced by four forward two-steps.

Choreography by: Gerry Hardy
Source: Printed in CDP Journal, April 1996
Usage: Be careful in your choice of music because some of the lyrics may be inappropriate.

Also see “Cotton-Eyed Joe Group” and “Cotton-Eyed Joe Line”

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