Hyll’s Phrase Craze

Formation: Circle of couples facing counterclockwise, inside hands joined, lady on gent’s right. Begin on outside foot.
Music: “Phrase Craze”, LS E-17 or LS 3323

Download RTF file: Hyll’s Phrase Craze

Intro or (Wait 4 counts)
29-32   – – – Walk forward;
    1-8   – – – -; – – Face, Back Away;
  9-16   – – Clap 3 and Stamp 3; One on the right DoSaDo;
17-24   – – – -; – – – Swing;
25-32   – – – -; – – – Walk forward

Intro Wait 4 Counts
  1-8   All dancers walk 7 steps forward, and then turn to face their partner on the 8th step.
  9-16   Partners back away from each other in four steps. On counts 13 and 14 dancers clap their own hands three times quickly. On counts 15 and 16 they stamp their feet three times quickly. The claps and the stamps will occur during a break in the music.
17-24   Each dancer walks forward diagonally to the right to a new partner and they DoSaDo.
25-32   New partners Swing and end facing counterclockwise with inside hands joined.

Choreography by: Lou Hyll
Source: Dancing for Busy People, page 255; CD Journal, August 1992

Variation for No Mixing: See “New Craze Trio”
1) DoSaDo with partner instead of the one on the right

2) Replace the “One on the right Dosado and Swing” with “Partner Star Right and Star Left”.

Variation for No Partners: See “Circle Craze”

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