Singers-E-Right and Left Grand

Singing Calls Group E

The Singing Call Groups are a collection of singing call Breaks and Figures for Party Dances.

Calls used in Singers Group E:
Circle Left, Circle Right, Forward and Back, Dosado, Promenade
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn, (also Allemande Left)
Right-Hand Star, Left-Hand Star
Right and Left Grand, Weave the Ring

Download RTF file: Singers-E-Right and Left Grand

Grand Right and Left

BREAK from Bob Howell, “Four Leaf Clover” on Lloyd Shaw 504
(Circle Left) I’m looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before,
(Circle Right) One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain
Third is the roses that grow in the lane
Allemande Left with the corner, Grand Right and Left
You meet a little gal and Dosado (Promenade)

BREAK from Don Armstrong, “Pennsylvania Polka” on Lloyd Shaw 514
Allemande Left your corner then, a Grand old Right and Left
With number five, your partner, Dosado
Dosado then shake hands, another Grand Right and Left
Home you go and then Dosado again
Back to back around, step right up and Swing
Swing your girl and Promenade that ring

BREAK from Bob Ruff, “Long Lonesome Highway” on Wagon Wheel 916
Four Ladies Promenade inside of that ring
Come on back and Swing, your partner swing
All join hands and Circle Left, you go walking hand in hand
Allemande your corner, Right and Left Grand
Grand right and left you go until you meet your own
Do sa do your lady, promenade her home

BREAK from Bob Ruff, “If They Could See Me Now” on Wagon Wheel 915
All Four Ladies Promenade inside, once around that ring
Come on back and Swing, your partner you swing
Join hands and Circle (Left), go walking hand in hand
Allemande that corner, do the Right and Left Grand
Grand old right and left you go until you meet your own
Dosado your lady, Promenade her home

Weave the Ring

BREAK from Bob Ruff, “King of the Road” on Wagon Wheel 922
Join hands, Circle Left you go
All the way around the big ol’ ring you know
Allemande your corner, your partner Dosado
Allemande your corner, then you Weave the Ring
I’ve got two hours of pushin’ broom
When you meet your lady, Dosado and Promenade her too

BREAK from Ken Kernen, “I Don’t Know Why” on Lloyd Shaw 510
Left Allemande you corner, Turn partner by the Right
Go full around and then the men Star Left
It’s once around and then, Turn partner by the Right
Left Allemande and Weave around the Ring
You never seem to want my romancing
You Dosado this partner and then you Promenade the ring

BREAK from Ed Gilmore, “Everywhere You Go” on MacGregor 2306
Allemande Left on the corner
And Weave around the Ring
– – –
Turn Partner Half by the Right and face to Weave the Wrong Way Round
In & Out around you go
Swing your partner round and round, Swing her high and low
Allemande Left on the corner, Come back and Promeno

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