Singers-I-U-Turn Back

Singing Calls Group I

The Singing Call Groups are a collection of singing call Breaks and Figures for Party Dances.

Calls used in Singers Group I:
Circle Left, Circle Right, Forward and Back, Dosado, Promenade
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn, (also Allemande Left)
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn
Right and Left Grand, Weave the Ring
Pass Thru
Ladies Chain
Right and Left Thru
U-Turn Back

Download RTF file: Singers-I- U-Turn Back

FIGURE from Jack Murtha, “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” on Square Dancetime 003
One and three (two and four) Pass Thru and do a U-turn back,
Two and four (one and three) Pass Thru and do a U-turn back,
All join hands and Circle Left until the man gets home,
*Face new partner, clap her hands, ready for the heel and toe,
Heel, toe, in; heel, toe, out; Heel, toe, in: heel, toe, out,
Promenade (sing)

*When the man gets back home, face new partner, clap both her hands, then hold hands butterfly style. Using the foot nearest center, both touch heel to floor, then their toe and slide two quick slides to the center. Using the foot nearest outside, repeat the same actions moving to the outside.

FIGURE requiring precision
Heads Pass Thru and do a U-Turn Back,
Side Circle Left three-quarters and do a U-Turn Back,
All Pass Thru and do a U-Turn Back,
Each Four Circle Left three-quarters,
Lines Forward and Back,
With Corner Swing and Promenade

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