Singers-J-Star Promenade

Singing Calls Group J

The Singing Call Groups are a collection of singing call Breaks and Figures for Party Dances.

Calls used in Singers Group J:
Circle Left, Circle Right, Forward and Back, Dosado, Promenade
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn, (also Allemande Left)
Right Arm Turn, Left Arm Turn
Right and Left Grand, Weave the Ring
Pass Thru
Ladies Chain
Right and Left Thru
U-Turn Back
Star Promenade

Download RTF file: Singers-J-Star Promenade

BREAK from Dick Leger, “Marina” on Grenn 12140 (shortened to 64 counts)
(Circle Left) Join your hands and Circle (Left) with Marina
All the way around, you’re gonna go
Allemande Left and Dosado Marina
All four men a Left-Hand Star you know
Put your arm around your pretty Marina (Star Promenade)
Four Ladies Backtrack (step out and U-Turn back), twice around you go
Second time you meet, you Promenade

FIGURE from Bob Ruff, “King of the Road” on Wagon Wheel 922
The Men Star Right, once around you go
The Men Star Left, walk on a heel and toe
Take your partner arm around and do a Star Promenade
Star Promenade and around you go
The men drop back, circle left in a ring
Swing your corner twice and then you promenade

BREAK from Bob Osgood, The Caller Teacher Manual
Four Ladies center Left-Hand Star
Pick up Corner arm around
Star Promenade around the town
Back Out and form a ring
All Eight Forward and Back
Allemande Left the corner and Promenade

BREAK with Hubs Back out and Rims Go In
Gents Star Left
Pick Up Partner Star Promenade
Men Back Out Full Turn, Girls Go In
Star Promenade again
Back Out, Circle Left
Allemande Left and Promenade

Singers from Les Henkel, CDP Journal, August 1994

Join hands and Circle Left
Allemande Left
Right Hand around Partner
Men Star Left
Star Promenade your partner
Ladies roll out, turn around and Promenade the other way
Same two Dosado
Allemande Left, Promenade home

FIGURES — Corner Progression from Les Henkel:

Four men Star Right inside
Back with a Left-Hand Star
Pickup Corner arm around, Star Promenade
Back out at home and Join hands, Circle Left
New corner Left Allemande
Swing new partner

Corners all Left Allemande
Partner Dosado
Men Star Left once around
Partner Star Promenade
Men back out and Ladies in Star Promenade we’re gone again
Back out at home and corner Swing
Promenade home

Heads/Sides go Forward and Back
Same two Right-Hand Star
Left-Hand Star
Pickup corner arm around and Star Promenade
All back out and Circle Left (2 men — 2 ladies)
Swing the Nearest Lady
Promenade home

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