Island in the Sun – Seniors

Formation: Couples facing counterclockwise in a big circle (lady on the gent’s right side)
Music: “Island In The Sun” on Grenn 12067 or KDF CD M01 Track 2

Download RTF file: Island In The Sun – Seniors

Intro or
57-64   – – – -; Promenade eight steps and face;
    1-8   – – – -; Face and Ladies pull out four;
  9-16   – – Gents pull in four; – – four Side Touches;
17-24   – – – -; – Clockwise Turn;
25-32   – – – -; – – Promenade Eight;

    1-8   Using Promenade handhold gents begin with the left foot and ladies begin with the right foot, all walk six steps forward and turn to face partner on counts 7 and 8.
  9-16   Partners maintain their double handhold and ladies pull out four steps then gents pull in four steps.
17-24   Again dancers begin using the gent’s right foot and the lady’s left foot. Dancers step to the side and touch beside the leading foot with the trailing foot, then repeat with the other foot leading, and repeat both directions again.
25-32   Partners adjust sideways to their left so that it is comfortable to walk forward around each other. Go once around then open into Promenade position.

Mixer Variation: As the clockwise turn ends ladies move back and gents move forward to a new partner.

Choreography by: Variation by Dottie Welch, Nova Scotia
Source: Presented at BDPLS 2012
Usage: Maintaining the handholds aids balance. Omitting the partner changes reduces confusion. Also, it is okay if dancers move in opposite directions on the Side Touches.

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