Sunshine Mixer

Formation: Couples in a circle, lady on man’s right, facing counterclockwise around the circle, with near hands joined. The footwork is opposite throughout the dance with each person starting on their outside foot. Directions are given for the man.
Music: “You Are My Sunshine” on Lloyd Shaw LS E-35

Download RTF file: Sunshine Mixer

Intro or
25-32   – – – -; – – Forward four;
    1-8   – – Side close twice; – – Forward four;
  9-16   – – Side close twice; – – Clap right and left;
17-24   – – both and knees; – – DoSaDo;
25-32   – – Move left; – – Forward four;

No-Mix Option:
  25-32 – – Face line of dance; – – Forward four;

    1-8   Starting on the outside foot (man’s left and lady’s right) dancers walk forward three steps and then face their partner on the fourth step and join both hands. The facing couple moves counterclockwise around the circle with a step to the man’s left on left foot, close right foot to left foot, step again to left on left foot, close right foot to left foot. (Side, Close, Side, Close). Finish by quickly facing counterclockwise around the circle.
  9-16   Dancers repeat 1-8 but finish facing their partner.
17-24   Partners clap their right hands three times, their left hands three times, both hands three times, and their own knees three times..
25-32   Partners DoSaDo and then slide to their left to meet a new partner. All face counterclockwise around the hall ready to begin again with a new partner.

Choreography by: Marie Armstrong
Source: Printed in Dancing For Busy People, page 263
Usage: If dancers have difficulty with the clap sequence, use a simpler version such as own knees twice, own hands twice, both hands with partner three times.

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