Haystack Mixer

Formation: Circle of couples facing counterclockwise with lady on the outside, near hands joined. Begin with outside feet, man’s left and lady’s right.
Music: “Heaven in a Haystack”, SSR 806, Phil Kandrut

Download RTF file: Haystack Mixer

Intro or (Intro in music is 16 beats)
41-48   – – – -; – – Walk forward 3;
    1-8   Turn around, back up; – – Walk forward 3;
  9-16   Turn around, back up; Vine apart 3 and clap;
17-24   Together 3 and face; Side, together, side, touch;
25-32   Side, together, side, touch; – Make your haystack;

33-40   – – – -; Push and back away in 4;
41-48   – – Slant Left; – – (Walk forward);

    1-8   Each couple walks forward three steps. On the fourth step they turn towards each other and half around to face reverse and change hands. Dancers then back up four steps (still moving counterclockwise).
  9-16   Repeat 1-8 moving clockwise.
17-24   Dancers Vine apart (side, behind, side, touch) and clap on the 4th beat, then Vine together and face on the 8th beat.
25-32   Moving first down line of dance (beginning with man’s left and lady’s right) dancers step to the side, together, side, touch. Then repeat this to reverse line of dance.

33-40   Dancers raise both hands to make a four-handed haystack overhead with palms against partner’s palms. Turn the haystack one full left turn in eight beats.
41-48   Dancers push apart and back away in four steps then slant left to come together with a new partner in four.

Choreography by: Ann Skoe, Canby, Oregon
Source: Printed in CD Journal, August 2012
Usage: This is especially apropos for a square dance party because of the charming barn-dance-theme lyrics.

This page from www.callerlab.org (CCTD Dance Resource)

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