C. J. Mixer

Formation: Couples in a circle, lady on man’s right, facing counter-clockwise around the hall in Varsouvianna dance position (see description below). Footwork is the same for the man and the lady. Directions are given for the man.
Music: “C. J. Mixer”, LS 3316

Download RTF file: C. J. Mixer

Intro or (Intro in music is 16 beats)
25-32   – – – -; – – Walk forward 3;
    1-8   – – Turn backup; – – – Go forward;
  9-16   – – Turn backup; – – – Star Left;
17-24   – – – -; – – – Star Right;
25-32   – – – -; With new partner walk forward;

    1-8   In varsouvianna position, walk forward counterclockwise around the hall 3 steps. While maintaining the hand hold, turn 1/2 right face individually on 4th step to face clockwise with lady on outside and the man on inside. The lady is now on the left side of the man. Back up counterclockwise around the circle 4 steps. (A total of 8 steps moving counterclockwise.)
  9-16   Walk forward around the circle clockwise 3 steps and turn 1/2 left face as a couple on the 4th step to face counterclockwise. This places the lady back on the right side of the man. Back-up clockwise with 4 steps. (A total of 8 steps moving clockwise.)
17-24   Drop right hands but keep left hands joined and guide the lady to the inside of the circle making a Left Hand Star (2 hand Star). Turn the Two Hand Star for 6 steps; then turn around in 2 steps and Star Right.
25-32   Turn the Right Hand Star for 6 steps. On steps 7 and 8 the man moves back (clockwise) and lady forward (counterclockwise) to a new partner and resume varsouvianna position ready to repeat the dance.

Ending:   Walk forward 3 steps and turn. Backup 4 steps. Walk forward 3 steps and turn. Backup 3 steps. Face your partner & bow.

Varsouvianna position — The lady is on the man’s right and both are facing counterclockwise around the hall. The man’s right hand and arm is extended behind the lady’s back slightly above the shoulder of the lady and holding the lady’s right hand. The man should be careful to not rest his right arm on the lady’s right shoulder. The lady’s left hand and arm is in front of the man at shoulder level holding the man’s left hand.

Choreography by: Calvin & Judy Campbell, Colorado. Written to preserve an excellent piece of music.
Source: Dancing for Busy People; also printed in CD Journal, November 1992

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