Clap Slap Line

Formation: No partners, all start facing the same direction in loose lines
Music: “East Bound and Down” on RCA GB-11986
or “Pecos Promenade” on Chaparral 406

Download RTF file: Chap Slap Line

Intro or
25-32   – – – -; Right Heel and Toe;
    1-8   – – Slide Right; – – Left Heel and Toe;
  9-16   – – Slide Left; – – Slap Right;
17-24   Slap Left, Slap Both; Clap 3, Circle;
25-32   – – – -; – Right Heel and Toe;

    1-8   Dancers begin with the right foot and touch the floor with their heel and then their toe and repeat that. Dancers then slide to the right four beats (Side, Close, Side, Touch).
  9-16   Dancers repeat 1-8 with beginning with the left foot.
17-24   Dancers slap their right thigh (Chap) with their right hand three times in two beats of music, slap their left thigh (chap) with their left hand three times in two beats of music, slap both thighs (chaps) three times in two beats of music, and clap their own hands together three times in two beats of music (right, right, right, left, left, left, both, both, both, hands, hands, hands).
25-32   Dancers individually circle to the right with three quick steps followed by a pause on the 4th count (two-step). Repeat the three quick steps four times total to finish three-quarters of the way around and facing the original left hand wall.

Choreography by: Jerry & Kathy Helt, Cincinnati, Ohio
Source: Dancing For Busy People, page 277
Usage: A simple and peppy dance with western flavor.

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