Category: Lines, Trios and Groups

Ruby Baby

This is an easy Solo Dance with a 1/4 turn to the right each time through.

Hand Maze Trio

This is an easy trio using an interesting hand clap sequence.


Lots of Dosados.

Toots’ Trio

Lots of diagonal Dosados.

Three Legged Stool

This is one of the easier Trios that feature Arm Turns.

T.B.C. Trio (Texas Boys Choir Trio)

This is a good, genderless dance for beginners.

Taos Trio

This is a tricky dance. Save it for a situation where you need something to challenge a Community Dance Group.

Rio Trio

In this trio by Ken Kernen the center dancers arm turn with each of the four end dancers.

The Freeze (Texas Freeze)

This is a classic, simple line dance.

Swingin’ Thing

This is a simple, peppy dance with several clever variations.